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Summer Fun with Jax!

We have had SUCH a fun summer doing camps with the JCB.  We have finished 6 weeks of camp and have 3 more weeks left.  It will be nice to be home again, but sad for it to over.  He has loved getting to live with all of JCB all summer.  He has been the little entertainer.  It has been SO fun to watch him make friends and have fun!  He even remembers his new friends names…crazy he is growing up so fast!  ENJOY!

This is actually before we left for the summer…it is the day Jaxon first sang his ABC’s.  We have been singing them and when we were in the car, he decided he was ready to show off some and sing the abc’s.  We got it on film later that day…it was too cute…just wanted to share it!

Our second camp was at Falls Creek, OK.  We were waiting outside in the foyer listening to the guys warm up with a jam and Jax had some dancin’ that just had to be done!

At Super Summer we shared a small apartment with Aaron & Ashley.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  Me and Ashley are playing a game that every time Jaxon plays the harmonica (Jax calls it his “rock-on”) we dance.  He couldn’t play it because he kept laughing.  We have been playing this game a while before we got out the camera 🙂

Jaxon has fun playing guitar with Justin.  This is one of several jam sessions we have had this summer!  Here he is jammin’ with Justin and Aaron.

So, with this video, you can tell Jax is getting more comfortable with his rockability!  He has been rockin’ for a while before we realized…we need to film this…so this is the end of his rock session, but it is REAL cute!

Thanks for letting us share some fun times with Jax.  He is just so addicting!  Happy Summer!


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