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The Interview

It’s been a while since our last post. Life has been busy. We finished our summer of leading worship, and after 9 weeks, we were ready for a break. During the last week of our summer travels, we were able to connect with our adoption case worker and have our first interview. It was pretty cool. Our case worker’s name is Joy. She spent about an hour talking with Jana, then about 45 minutes with both of us, and then about an hour talking to me.
I was surprised at how much stuff they want to know. It was a pretty rigorous question and answer session. However, it was fun getting to sort of vocalize our motivation and passion for adoption. Jana and I had talked about these things with each other, but to get to tell someone else why God has laid this on our hearts was a blessing.
The next step in the process is a 2 day workshop at Buckner in Dallas. We do the workshop in September, and then our case worker comes to our house for the second interview. It’s moving right along! We’ve done some calculating and we’re guessing that we might get to take custody of our daughter sometime in 2012. Sometimes it’s frustrating to think that it will take so long, but we know that the timing is God’s.
For the last few weeks we’ve been watching the Olympics and wishing that we were there. It’s strange to think that the mother of our little girl might be standing in the crowd we see on the television screen. We’re just trusting that God has the right little girl picked out for us… even though she has probably not yet been conceived. We now have the “t-shirts” section up and running so that you can order an “I Choose To Love” t-shirt. We’d love it if you would check that out and tell all your friends. Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouraging comments. More to come.


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