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We love to sing at our house. Probably if you were a fly on the wall, you would think we were pretty kooky. It just comes out…I don’t know…it is more fun to sing things sometimes than just talking :). Of course, Jaxon got to rock out with dad all summer too. It is so cute…he has started imitating Justin…he wants us to introduce him as the Cofield Band when he starts to rock out on his guitar or drums. He moves his legs like Justin does when he is leading worship. He wants us to raise our hands when he is singing like he sees everyone do during the worship services. It is just SO cute! It is quite humbling to realize how much he notices what we do and wants to imitate us. What a beautiful thing! I learn SO much from Jax and his ability to really know us and imitate us is one of those great lessons. I want to know Jesus and all his ways and imitate Him the way Jax does with us. I LOVE learning from Jax!!

I wanted to share a few singing videos of Jax over the last couple of months. ENJOY!

This is Jaxon rockin’ out with JCB at a camp this summer. He rallied the troops and found instruments for all of them to play.

Jaxon’s favorite songs this summer were “Days of Love” and “Mighty to Save”. Here is a video of him singing “Mighty to Save”.

Our friend Mason taught us a song that we sing before we eat.  I had to capture it on film…he is just so cute singing it!

Jax and I came in from playing outside one evening when Justin was gone and he wanted to sing.  We made up an “I love Jesus” song.  We sang different versions of it for about 20 minutes.  It was SO funny.  I got the end of it on video.

Thanks for letting us share!


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Lessons from Jax

bike adventures with Jax

bike adventures with Jax

Jaxon and I had a little adventure last week. We both love being outside…especially going to Brushy Creek park. It has this killer trail that is so fun to run and several parks along the way to play at…and the best part is it is just about 2 minutes from our house. Well, I decided to try something new with Jax. He has been perfecting riding his bike with training wheels and has gotten really good at it. I wanted to go for a run, but didn’t want to push the jogger….wanted to have some fun with Jaxon…not just do a workout. I thought it would be so fun to let him ride his bike while I ran beside him…heehee. We started off going really good. We got…oh, about 100 yards on our trip and he said he wanted off and he wanted me to carry his bike for him…ha! I got him excited about riding all the way to the playground and eating a snack when we got there. Well, that worked, but needless to say we made MANY stops…we stopped and threw rocks off the bridge, we stopped and said,”Hellooooo!” to the echo in the tunnel…Jax’s words exactly. He couldn’t quite grasp the echo concept…he wanted to go find it. We stopped and hung out on several benches along the way. Oh, and did I mention that I was wearing a camelback, so we stopped about every 2 minutes to take a drink…he thought it was really fun! Well, about 50 minutes later we had made it a mile down the trail to the playground. We sat down and ate a big bag of raisins and drank a ton of water. We had fun playing on the playground. We played for a while and then headed back to where we started. We were both quite tired and had a mile left to get back to the giant sand pit where we would end our adventure. Well, in my mind…I wanted to work to get there as fast as we could because we were tired and well, there was fun waiting to be had at the sand pit. Jaxon had other ideas about it all. He wanted to take his sweet time and enjoy every minute on the way back. He wanted to stop at all the bridges, say “helloooooo” to the echos again and see if we could throw rocks far enough to hit the creek down the hill. He just wanted to have some fun with me. For him the destination wasn’t the ultimate…it was the journey of getting there…and boy does that boy know how to have some fun on the journey! What a life lesson! I so often make the destination the most important part…when in reality…the journey is the meat and potatoes of most of life! I am SO thankful for our little 2 1/2 year old Jax to teach us how to slow down and soak up the JOURNEY of life!

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I choose to love

“I choose to love” has been a phrase that has been pretty important in our family these days. Not only for our adoption, but in most areas of our lives. Matthew 22:37-40 tells us to love our Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves. This type of love that God calls us to is not for the faint-hearted…it is a risky, dangerous, adventurous kind of love. To love God with all my heart, soul & mind means that I have to trust HIM with all my desires, longings, needs, anxiousness, thoughts, dreams, day-to-day…everything. I am learning that is hard to do most of the time; however, the more my relationship with Him deepens and I learn more about WHO He is…the more I can love Him carefreely…because I KNOW that He will be careful with me! So, I look at the second part of His calling…to love our neighbor as ourselves. WOW…this is even harder! Something that I have discovered over the last several months is that there is NO WAY for me to genuinely love my neighbor as myself unless I am loving God MORE than myself…loving Him with all my heart, soul & mind. I have tried…seriously tried to love others as myself, but I fail. I tend to think my time is more important than theirs, I begin to want God to do for me what He has done for them and think I just might deserve it a little more…hahaha….I begin to judge, I start to think that I know what they need when I probably don’t have a clue because I haven’t truly sought to know them deeply…I mean…I could keep going, but it is quite embarassing to be honest about these things. I get frustrated in my quest to love how God has asked me to love. So, I CHOOSE everyday that I am going to let my heart, soul & mind love God with abandon…more than I love myself…then I can love others as myself. BOTH of these I have to open my heart, soul and mind to allow God to love in and through me…It is an adventure that is not always fun to be on…but it is one that I want to CHOOSE everday…that is for sure!!

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