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We have had SO MUCH fun this summer! Since our last post, we have been to Wichita Falls with FBC Garland & Abilene for Super Summer. What GREAT weeks! Our highlights have definitely been all the GREAT friends we have met and reconnected with and all of the fun times celebrating Jesus! God has been on the move in our lives this summer and we are having fun being a part of the adventure! God has even provided for Jax the last two weeks with 2 new friends, who are both named Ethan! What a GREAT treat for him! It is a blessing for him to get to have dudes around his age to play with while we are gone!  We have been totally blown away by the generosity of all the folks at camp wanting to be a part of our journey with Mae!  Thank you to all of you who have bought shirts and been encouraging to us!  We are SO thankful God has blessed us with you guys!  I took several great videos of our time at camp….ENJOY! You can check out some fun pics of camp on Jana’s facebook page!

Jaxon enjoys entertaining everyone in the car…here are a few of his jokes 🙂

Jax wants to be just like his dad…it is fun to watch!

The Beatles are a favorite in the Cofield house…here is Jax’s rendition of “Love Me Do”.

This one is a bit dark, but SO CUTE of Jax and Ethan jammin’ out to JCB behind stage!

JCB rockin’ out at super summer to finish up with!

Please be praying for us over the next couple of weeks! Justin, Kyle, Aaron & Ashley leave to go to Jordan on Monday and will be gone for 2 weeks! Asking for Father to do AMAZING things in and through them! Stay posted and we will have some pics and videos of their trip!

We love getting to share our lives with you guys!


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A window into Jaxon

Every week of camp is different. Some weeks the guys play a set in the morning, and sometimes they don’t. This past week, they did not play in the morning, so our mornings were a bit more chilled. We got to take our time in the morning and go running, play, get ready, etc. Well, one morning me and Justin started planning what we were going to do as far as running and getting ready…Jaxon had a different idea on the order of events. Justin grabbed the video camera so we could capture his amazing ability to argue. We keep telling him he needs to be a lawyer. Sometimes it is really cute & funny…but others times it can be very frustrating and we have to get creative with him. This moment was REAL cute and we just had to share. It is so fun getting to know Jaxon and who God made him. I continually pray that God would help us know how to help Jaxon use all God put in him in a way that pleases the Lord. WOW! Thankfully the Lord is always with us to give us wisdom, creativity & love! I LOVE this kid!!

If you arewondering how it turned out…somehow we did what WE wanted to do, but made Jaxon think it was HIS idea 🙂 I’m telling you, God is good to always give wisdom and creativity! Being a parent is so fun!

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