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Minivans… sort of.

Here she is!

Last weekend we purchased our first minivan… sort of. We bought a 1969 Volkswagen Camper van. I have been looking for one that was roadworthy and affordable for a while now. Jana and I decided that we wanted to start going camping with Jaxon, and this seemed like an interesting way to do that: )
You get some strange looks driving around in a 40 year old VW with a car seat in the back. It’s kind of fun. The back couch folds down into a full size bed, and the top pops up and has a small cot for a child to sleep in. There’s also a cot that fits over the two front seats that is about big enough for a small child. It also has a sink, a cooler/fridge, and electrical outlets.
We went with some friends this past weekend to Lake Georgetown (about 20 min. north of here) for our first camping trip in the bus. It worked great. Plenty of space, and quite comfortable. We’re excited about the possibilities.
We’ve got a few more trips in the works. I think we’re going to take it on our travels for the Thanksgiving holidays… gotta show it to our families so they don’t think we’re completely crazy. Here are a few pics from our camping trip. Peace, Love, and stick it to the man!

Jaxon in his car seat waiting to hit the open road.

Jax & Hudson finding the geocache treasure

sopie watching jax & hudson being boys

eating s'mores around the campfire

our bed

Jax ready for bed

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