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WOW! You just never know what a week could bring!  Thanks for taking this ride with us and praying for us!  I wanted to give you guys the latest on what is happening…so, here goes….


The word, as of today, is that Hope for Orphans is working with Haiti Children’s Rescue Mission (HCRM).  They are working with the U.S. Embassy to gain approval for 21 children who were in the process of adoption before the earthquake hit to leave Haiti and be united with their forever families.  They also have +/- 40 children who were not in the process of adoption yet, but were orphans before the earthquake.  Hope for Orphans and HCRM is going to approach the U.S. to try to gain approval for these kids to enter the U.S.  These 2 organizations have families who are homestudy approved and ready to go for these kiddos.

Justin and I received a call from Robyn, who is with Hope for Orphans, and had an informal phone interview with her.  She wanted to know our story and how far along we were in the adoption process.  She asked about our journey with wanting to host/adopt a child from Haiti.  We had a GREAT time talking on the phone.  During our time on the phone she wanted to know what age of child we would be interested in.  In these situations it is SO HARD to have a preference!  We want to just do whatever God wants us to do.  However, in our almost 2 years of being on the adoption journey, we feel strongly that Jaxon needs to stay our oldest child.  Unless God makes it VERY clear otherwise.  Birth order is important and we want to be wise in our decisions for Jaxon.  She looked through the profiles of children that were available and the youngest was 5 years old.  I was disappointed, but she affirmed that it is a wise decision to keep your oldest child, the oldest.  She told me it looked like that door was closed for now, but they would keep our information on file and if any more new developments happened with younger children, she would let us know.

It was a big drop on our emotional rollercoaster.  I am naturally an optimist, so I just knew this was going to work out.  We have been trying and waiting to grow our family for over 2 years now.  I was SO excited about the possibility for God to use our family as He gave us our hearts’ desire for more children.  So, here we go again….struggling through this risky walk of faith!  I am BELIEVING A BIG GOD TO DO BIG THINGS IN OUR LIVES!!  We will continue to pray and hurt for all the HARD things happening in Haiti…knowing GOD sees ALL and He will be those children’s BIGGEST Advocate!


Sunday we finally had to make a trip to the ER.  Justin was in just excruciating pain.  We had the easiest ER experience in the history of ER experiences!  We got him wheeled in straight to the back and onto a hospital bed.  The nurse was waiting on us and the doctor was in the room within minutes.  He got a powerful pain killer shot and was feeling better…still in lots of pain, but better…within the hour.  He had an MRI done Monday morning which confirmed that He had 2…yes 2…bulged discs.  They were bulging into his spinal column hitting his sciatic nerve….aha….that explains all the pain!  He has started an intense chiropractic/physical therapy regiment.  Today has been his best day!  He is still needing to take some of the pain medicine and muscle relaxers, but he is able to slowly walk. YAY!  It is going to be a slow recovery, but thankfully it looks like he will be able to make a full recovery without surgery!! Thank you SO much for everyone who prayed for him!!  We would LOVE for you to keep him in your prayers as he works to make a full recovery!

I do need to brag on Jax for a bit.  O.K. he is the kindest little boy!  I mean, he was a champ at helping with Justin.  He would bring him ice, water, his houseshoes…anything he thought he might need.  Usually we wouldn’t even ask him.  He just wanted to take care of his dad!  What a blessing!  In the midst of a crazy, emotional week, it sure was fun watching him and seeing the amazing little dude God has made in him!!

THANKS for being on the journey with us!  We feel so BLESSED to have friends and family like you guys in our lives!!



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Just wanted to let you guys know…

I just got on the Hope for Orphans blog (hopefororphansblog.com) and found out some new information.  It looks like the Haitian government has said that ONLY those children who are in the process of adoption will be allowed to leave the country.  Even if Hillary Clinton and the State Department allowed refugee visas, the children will not be allowed to leave the country if they are not currently in the adoption process.

Please keep praying for these children.  Proverbs 23:11 in the Message says that orphans have a powerful Advocate who will go to bat for them.  Keep asking and believing God to provide EXACTLY what these sweet little ones need!  HE can work a miracle!

We will keep you posted if there is any new information.

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just to clarify…

We have had a lot of questions from folks about whether or not this is fostering or adopting.  At this point we feel like God is telling us to make ourselves available to foster/host some kiddos…ready to see what HE has in store.  Just having fun on the journey with HIM.  The folks in charge have also made it clear that adoption could possibly be an option, but for now it is just fostering/hosting.  Just wanted to let all you guys know…please keep praying!

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We need your prayers!!!!

We found out through a dear friend, Shelby Koch, that Hope for Orphans and Charis Orphan Care and Adoption agency were traveling to Haiti to plead the case of some of the orphans living in fear and in need of love and a safe home. Shelby received an email that they were looking for families who would be willing to foster and/or adopt some of these kiddos if they were able to get the approval to bring them to the U.S.  She immediately thought of us because she knows  our journey and long wait ahead to get Mae.  Justin and I had heard through another sweet friend, Penny Rodgers, last Friday about the possibility of some of the orphanages trying to find homes in the U.S. for their orphans.  So, our hearts were already thinking and asking God if He wanted us to volunteer for this.  The morning before Shelby called me, God was REALLY speaking to both of us about it.  When she called we had already heard a clear word from the Lord that we were supposed to do this, so it was easy to say YES!  Here is where we need your prayers:

**Right now there are 71 kiddos ready to board a plane if the State Department and the USCIS will give approval for the kiddos to enter the U.S.  They have “sort of” given approval for those who are in the adoption process to enter, but not for those who are not in this process yet.  Governor Rick Perry and Senator John Cornyn have already given their word that they will be liable for these little ones if the State Department will give their o.k. Since Justin and I have a homestudy ready to go from our adoption process to get Mae, we are at the top of the list to receive one…possible more…into our home!  Please PRAY that God would move in the hearts of Michelle Bond (appointed by Hillarie Clinton to oversee the Haiti orphan crisis) and Ruis ( head of USCIS).  It will take a miracle to get through all of the political red tape to get them here!

**A major twist to the story is that Justin has a bulged disc in his back.  He has been down on his back since Monday.  He has a VERY hard time walking or sitting.  Our dear friends, Ryan & Lora Osborne have been doing all they can to adjust his spine into place…it is just a timely road to recovery.  WE NEED GOD TO DO A MIRACLE!  We could get word at any time that we need to head to San Antonio because our Haitian friends are on their way.  We NEED Justin to be able to walk and be out of pain.

PLEASE join us in believing God BIG…He is a miracle worker and we are needing some miracles to happen for us!  We will work to keep any updates on our blog, so stay tuned and pray & believe BIG!

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