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Thanks to all of the superheroes that showed up at our house last Saturday, Jaxon’s b-day was saved from the “Tickle Monster”!  We had so much fun celebrating Jaxon turning 4…and just celebrating the fun of being a BOY!!  Our good friend Scott Wade took some AMAZING pictures for us…check out his stuff at scottwade.com!   ENJOY!!


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Today Jaxon turns 4 years old!  Now, I know we are a bit partial, but we just think Jaxon is the coolest kid EVER!  He has such a tender, compassionate heart, but loves to be a boy and play superheroes, sword fight and wrestling.  He is a homebody.  I would say his favorite place to be is at home playing.  But he is always up for a new adventure and loves to travel and be around different people all the time.  I mean, he can make a new friend faster than I can find a good bargain somewhere :).  He loves his mommy and shows it by wanting to help me pick out my jewelry, helping me in the kitchen, acting silly with me, giving me GOOD hugs and picking up cool sticks and telling me that he picked it out for me because he loves me so much!  He loves his daddy and shows it by wrestling on the floor, wanting to go everywhere Justin goes and do everything he does, putting on the same kind of clothes Justin has on for the day and playing superheroes together.  He is witty, perceptive, patient, flexible and just plain FUN to hang out with!  I mean…we LOVE this kid!

Well, it turns out that God thinks Jaxon is pretty amazing, too!  He IS God’s workmanship!  All of these amazing qualities that he has are all because God made him that way…and HE lets us enjoy HIS work!

So, here is what God did for Jaxon today:

Jaxon’s most common prayer since about October has gone something like this:

“God, please let it snow…and where does the snow come from?…and just let it snow so we can build snowmen and have snowball fights. Amen.”

We were driving in the car one day and he said he wanted it to snow REAL bad.  I told him the only thing I knew to do was to ask God for it, so we have been asking him to let it snow BIG!  Almost every night since that day in October he has been praying for it.  Some nights other things were on his heart.  One night he prayed, “Jesus, thank you for our life…and what I want YOU to do for US…is keep us safe when we see lions and gorillas. Amen.”  It was real hard to not chuckle a bit.  He was so serious.  But most nights he asks God for snow and a baby.

We have had some disappointments hearing about everyone around us getting snow and none here in Austin.  I obviously struggled with the disappointment more than he did…I just wanted SO BAD for him to see that God ANSWERS and cares deeply about HIM!  Boy, did God show him that today!  We heard on the weather that there was a chance of snow today, but tried to not get too excited.  It started snowing this morning before we took him to school, and it snowed just about ALL DAY LONG!  Yeah…it didn’t just snow a bit…but ALL DAY LONG we got to watch the snow and play in it!  WOW! What a birthday present from God!  We made 2 snowmen and had some good snowball fights!  Of all the days God could have answered Jaxon’s prayer for snow, He did it on his birthday!  All day long I have been hearing God say, “Happy Birthday JAXON! This is for YOU!!”  That is the kind of Father we have…yes siree, He knows how to give good gifts!!

Matthew 7:11 says “If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!”  I am learning that part of the “how much more” part is that God knows the PERFECT timing for HIS gifts!  He is patient to work and create behind the scenes until everything is just right for Him to give us indescribable gifts!  Part of the wisdom and perfection in His gifts is the fact that He has impeccable timing!  I will be the first to admit that “timing” is HARD to wait for and believe Him in!  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving us strength and courage to WAIT for Father’s GOOD GIFTS!!  Thank you, God, for today….and THANK YOU for JAXON!!

Enjoy some pics!!!

rolling up the snowman's body

snowman #1

YAY! It's snowing!!

me and justin with snowman #2...jax is our photographer!

a pic of the snow coming down...it just doesn't seem to do it justice!

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I don’t remember the last time I went to a “conference” per say, but I went to one this past weekend that was anything but that. Verge Conference, centered around Missional Community, took place here in Austin this past weekend. It wasn’t really a conference at all. It was a bunch of people looking for something different. It was a lot of people who love the church, and are perhaps frustrated with it. It was Mega church pastors, and house church groupies and everything in between, and the one common denominator: our love for Christ and His church. I wont tell you who spoke, because it didn’t totally matter. I wont say who led worship, because I know he wouldn’t want the notoriety. You can visit http://www.verge2010.org to see some quotes and what people are saying.

I truly feel like a movement has begun. I believe that this might be the beginning of radical change in the modern day church. I think people are tired of doing business as usual, and they know that Christ didn’t intend for things to be that way. For me, the worship was convicting. Not because of anything anyone said or sang, but because the Spirit was so thick. I’m a worship leader. I’m in worship services all the time, and I genuinely can’t remember the Spirit having ever been that thick before. I think it was also good for me to be in a place where people seemed to get it. They weren’t there to play church games, or learn the next new strategy for growing their church. I believe we met to hear God say “I want justice… that’s what I want” (Amos 5:24 The Message). I’m still processing all that I felt, learned, heard, and thought. I’ll try to post more as those things become more clear.

Just a quick update on adoption: We’re still in “wait mode”. The opportunity to foster a Haitian child has pretty much closed. The Haitian government is not letting any more orphans out of the country who don’t already have adoptions in process. We’re okay with that… we just felt like God wanted us to make ourselves available to foster a child when that opportunity was in front of us. We haven’t heard any new news from China. The process is pain-stakingly slow. We’ve prayed about other options (different country, special needs child) and we just keep hearing God say “wait”. So that’s what we’re doing. We are so thankful for all of your prayers, support, and encouragement. If anything changes, or if there is any “new” news. We’ll post immediately. Until then… we continue to choose to love those around us… and we hope you do too.

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