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Better late than never

So, I know that it is fall already and the leaves are about to start changing colors…and THANK YOU, LORD that the weather is getting cooler!  However, I thought I would post some fun pics of our summer adventures.  (One day I am going to get fully caught up on this here blog and be able to post the fun that is happening now 🙂  But for now we are going to reminisce about the fun we had this summer! )

Jax & his camp friend, Audrey...he shared his super hero pjs with her & thought it was SO COOL that she wanted to play super heroes with him!

Jaxon with all of his friends at kid's camp at our first week of camp.

Canoeing adventure

JCB & Jax

Jax falling asleep on the merch tub...Sometimes you just have to rest while Dad is rockin!

We were home for a few days and got to go see Toy Story 3 with our friends Sebastian & Ms. Ruth.


Jax with his friends from Student Life drama team.

Hangin' backstage with Dad at Student Life camp

camp beds don't bother Jax!



First "mass mess" with our friends from Louisiana

Enjoying the treat Aaron & Ashley brought jax back from Disney Land.

Our first meal in Romania!

Will eating pig brains...yes...you read right...PIG BRAINS! And he ate every last bite!

Outside the church in Sighisoara

Beautiful roma young ladies!

eating our meals under a lush grape vine canopy

These swings were NEVER empty! The kids would wait & wait in line to swing on them.

finishing up having some fun at rec

JCB with Sabine (the pastor we worked with) checking out the bread ovens they use in the winter time to help provide food for the Roma.

Some of the roma young men

Me & Ash with Mirella & Emily (Sabine's wife & little girl) and our sweet Romanian friend!

The last night of camp some of the families from a near by village came to see their kiddos at camp. It was REALLY fun to get to meet some families!

All our girls!

Here are a few videos for you to enjoy!

This first one is of Jaxon rocking out with JCB in front of about 1,500 kids at Student Life camp.  He made friends with the folks on the drama team and they asked him to be a part of their drama the last day of camp.  It was so cute!

Jaxon got REALLY good at jumping off the diving board this summer.  He learned how to jump off and swim to the edge of the pool without ANY help!  Pretty impressive.  He watched a bunch of kids jump and try to catch a ball, so he wanted to try it.

We got to spend 2 weeks at Ponderosa Pines camp in California.  It was AMAZING!  Jax was brave and wanted to try the zipline.  I was so proud he was so adventurous, but it did make me a bit nervous.  Crazy that he is big enough to do a zipline!!  Sorry the video quality is not so great!

Thanks for letting us share about our fun summer!  It is so fun to have family & friends that care about us and invest in our lives!


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Hello again blogging world!

Whew…it has been a LONG time!  I couldn’t believe that the last post we did was February!  I mean, seriously!  Has it REALLY been that long??  February feels like another world away!  Here is the the quickest version I could do with all that has happened since February:

SPRING: Justin was out of commission…on the couch out of commission…all spring because of 2 herniated discs in his lower back.  He had surge in April and has been doing SO GREAT!  We have never experienced a season in our lives quite like we did in the Spring.  We are usually very active & involved, on the go type folks.  However, because he couldn’t do anything we were at home A LOT.  We spent most of our time in the  morning playing in the living room so we could hang with Justin.  In the afternoons we would lay a big blanket out in the backyard and help Justin make his way out to it.  Jax and I would play while Justin had a change of scenery.  It was such an emotional time for us, but looking back it was also very refreshing and restful.  We got to just be a family and hang out and take care of each other together.  The Lord was preparing us for the season that lay ahead.

SUMMER Part 1: We had a GREAT summer doing summer camps with JCB!  We added it all up and here are the figures: 8 weeks of camp, 7 states, 6200 miles, 74 worship services, almost 500 students accept Christ, and almost 9000 people in 2 months….and lots of fun memories were made!  We ended our summer with a JCB mission trip to Romania to lead a youth camp for gypsy teenagers.  Justin and I went last summer to work with the same group of folks.  It was an amazing trip!  We got to see 7 teenagers give their lives to Christ.  We are excited to have an ongoing relationship with our friends in Sighisoara, Romania.  We are already planning to go back again next summer!

SUMMER Part 2:  Most of you know that we have been in the adoption process to get Mae from China for a while now!  Our papers have been with the Chinese government since April 2009.  Our agency is telling us it will still be about 3-5 years before we receive a referral for her.  Crazy to think about how long she has been thought about and prayed for and she has probably not even benn born yet!  We have also been trying for almost 3 years to get pregnant again.  Nothing is wrong with us…just not God’s time for us to have another child by birth.  Hard to deal with a lot of the time, but learning a lot through it.  Over the summer we decided to pursue another adoption while we were waiting for Mae.  We talked and prayed and talked and prayed and decided we wanted to do foster to adopt.  This was a hard decision for me!  I just didn’t know if I could love a child knowing that I may have to give him/her back.  After many conversations with Justin and the Lord, the Lord was real clear with me.  He laid on my heart that my calling and purpose is to LOVE extravagantly and selflessly everyone HE puts in my life.  HIS JOB is to protect my heart and take care of me in the process.  OUCH…and YIKES!  That is a scary thing!  So, we decided to go for it…even though we had lots of questions and lots of emotions about it…we wanted to walk in obedience.  So, our plan was to start the foster to adopt training through an agency here that has been recommended very highly.   Well, a week after we had been home from camps and a week before we left from Romania I received a phone call from a lady that I mentor through an organization I volunteer with in Austin.  This organization works with women and families who are in the cycle of poverty and abuse.  Through introducing them to Jesus, classes, and mentoring relationships we want to help them break that cycle.  CPS was going to remove her granddaughter from her home and she wanted to know if we would take her in as a “kinship” placement.  WOW!  We had actually been praying for this specific little girl!  I received the phone call on Thursday around 10 a.m.  24 hours later (Friday about 10:30) we were headed  home from the courthouse with a beautiful 9 month old baby girl.  We were scared, excited, amazed & heavy-hearted.  We had to witness the mom and grandma kiss their baby girl bye.  AHHH! Ripped our hearts out!  We got to love on her for about a week, and while we were in Romania she stayed with some friends who are finishing up their foster certification.  We were so excited to get back home and get settled in with our new little friend!  One of the neatest blessings is that we are getting to work with her young mom and love on her as we love on this sweet baby!  She will be with us anywhere from 3 months to possibly 18 months.

PRESENT:  Sorting through all the emotions has been hard.  We are having SO MUCH fun, but it is also emotionally hard!  It is hard letting the LORD teach us how to love selflessly and simply because we are so overcome by HIS love for us, we want to love.  I struggle with selfish desires of still wanting a baby for us…that we can keep forever!  The Lord is so sweetly and gently helping me see that life is not about ME…making sure MY desires are fulfilled, having a sweet, comfortable existence, and keeping everything neat and tidy.  It is about giving myself…all of myself…to go to the messy, broken parts of our world to shine the LOVE of Christ!  For this to be genuine, it must come from a love motivated by a selfless love through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is such a convicting example.  Most of the time my actions line up with how God wants me to live, but my heart is kicking and screaming wanting ME to be taken care of….not always selflessly loving others.  Thankfully this is a journey and we get to walk with a gentle, patient, powerful Savior & Father!  We started taking classes this week to get our foster certification.  Excited, scared and a lot of times emotional about what the future holds.  It is SO FUN to love others as a family!  It has been fun to see God grow Jaxon’s heart for our new little friend.  He loves her!!!  She has stolen the hearts of both of the men in my life 🙂

So, here we go….walking together with the Lord as we try everyday to CHOOSE TO LOVE!

I wanted to catch you guys up.  So much as been happening!  We haven’t been able to tell the story to very many people in our lives because it all happened so fast!  We GREATLY appreicate your prayers as we are on this journey!  I will post pics of some of our adventures in a blog REAL soon!

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